Help writing a simple script for my friend

Hello! I’m just now starting out and not the best at this. There are times when I have trouble understanding, so be gentle :slight_smile:

Ok So I’m trying to write a script that will refresh a page daily and add to a list of sold items.

/*creates a list (sellData) of items sold */
sellData = [}
                var itemSells = itemsSold {

                if ( _itemSells = true) {
        return sellData

        /*refreshes the page daily and prints out sold data*/
function AutoRefresh( t ) {
    setTimeout("location.reload(true);", t);
 var nextDay = new Date(day) 
 return console.log(sellData);
nextDay.setDate(day.getDate() + 1);

I’m really not sure if this will even work- like I said I’m pretty new so even basics are tough but I figured I’d reach out to the community. TIA for any help.