Help! wrap with a div


I don't understand what I am doing wrong it keeps saying this: Oops, try again.Place the supporting content inside the <div class="container">..</div>. I have no idea how to put anything inside of DIV or place any sort of supporting thing inside.
I am at this part by the way--->

<div class="learn-more">
    <div class="container">



Hi @lyse33,

You have twice before wrapped your code in a div with its container.

In exercise 3, you wrapped your two lists in nav and its container.
In exercise 5, you wrapped your h1 and p elements in jumbotron and its container.

Now you are being asked to wrap the three divs that you just finished writing in exercises 6 and 7.

  • find your Travel, Host and Trust content that you wrote in exercises 6 and 7
  • put the opening tags for learn-more and its container on the line before the div that contains the Travel content
  • put the closing /div tags for learn-more and its container on the line after the div the contains the Trust content.

There -- your Travel, Host and Trust content has now been wrapped in two divs, one called learn-more and one called container.

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Honestly this is still a little confusing for me because I am definitely a visual learner do you have a picture of what you wrote above that you could post on here??


<div class="learn-more">
  <div class="container">

   <!-- there should be three divs in here -->
   <!-- the three divs from exercises 6 and 7 -->

  </div>  <!-- This closes the container div -->
</div>  <!-- This closes the learn-more div -->


Did you get your web page written correctly yet @lyse33?