Help Working Through Javascript

It’s my first time learning the software side of the house.
I feel like I learn the mateiral easily I understand what a function is, an array, variable, and etc.
But when it comes to the practical application of actually coding a project my brain cannot figure out the details, almost like a writers block. I don’t know if am being to hard on myself, being as I’ve only been studying a month.
Any body have any suggestions to increase my skills, I understand everything takes practice but It’s discouraging getting stuck on something you think you know. Thank you.

Hello @groovycj_216, welcome to the forums! The biggest piece of advice I can give is to do as many projects as you can, whether from CC, your own ideas, or other places (on the web or in books). These will really help you to expand your ability to problem solve. There are a few good websites out there (which give quite nice code challenges), such as codewars or hackerrank.

One way to tackle projects is to write pseudo-code. Pseudo-code is basically just instructions on how to the task with a paper and pencil, written out in whatever (human) language you prefer. For example, if I was writing a program to see if two strings were the same as each other, my pseudo-code might look like:

take the first string.
take the second string.
if the two strings are the same, then write "They are the same"
otherwise, write "They aren't the same"

Then I could turn that pseudo-code into real code:

let str1 = "My first string";
let str2 = "My second string";
//step 1 and 2 of pseudo code done

if(str1 === str2){
console.log("They are the same");
console.log("They aren't the same");

If you’re learning programming from scratch and it’s only been a month, you’re probably still re-training your brain to think like a programmer and that takes time. Sort of like when you learn a new language it’s usually easier to read other people’s writing and interpret it, then write your own natural sounding prose. One month might not even represent that many hours depending how much time you’re able to spend on this stuff a week.

As for the solution, basically do what codeneutrino suggests. Codewars is super fun (it’ll click, just keep practicing), and start by practicing with pseudo-code. Here are two different tutorials on somewhat more formal approaches pseudocode, if you’re interested.


Thank you for taking the time to reply, I definitely will go through these tutorials

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If it helps, think of learning programming like learning any natural language. You know English: How easy is for you to write a 5 page essay? Sometimes we know the building blocks and we still struggle to use them effectively when it comes to original work.

Doing lots of projects work. Also you can look up online articles and tutorials on project planning and management, how the “pros” lay out a plan and go about executing it. That might help you organize your thoughts when working on your projects?