Help with variable called monty


What is wrong

here is what they are asking me---

Let's put our knowledge to work.

  1. Write a single-line comment on line 1. It can be anything! (Make sure it starts with #)
  2. Set the variable monty equal to True.
  3. Set another variable python equal to 1.234.
  4. Set a third variable monty_python equal to python squared.

#Welcome to my program

var_monty = True

var_python = 1.234

monty_python = 5 ** 2


what's the error meassage?
Did you create a variable called monty?

i m asking the same question did you?

read the instruction again and look did you do the same what instruction said.


hi there,
you wrote this...

but you were supposed to do this...

hope this helps!
your post:


sorry for the error in my previous post,
the second quote should be...


If you start with 0 in the word Monty, there is no 5th letter, only " in that position. I passed when I entered " but the hint says Y.

This will work..? (IDK yet)

fifth_letter = "MONTY"[4]



in that case you would be printing the letter Y, as Y is in index 4 or what ever you call it. REMEMBER: the first index always starts with zero!


I think you missed the format for variable.
for example

a = 123
b = True
C = 5**2


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