Help with using sorted in python pls

Hi, I have a similar issue… I understand that I have to use a key in the sort() function and so I am able to sort the list by the insurance cost.

However, the exercise shows that insurance cost should now come before name - since I zipped the original two lists with the name first and insurance cost second, is there a way to reverse the order within each nested list with some funky code other than just me reversing the order in the original zip()? If so, what terminology should I be Googling?

names = ["Mohamed", "Sara", "Xia", "Paul", "Valentina", "Jide", "Aaron", "Emily", "Nikita", "Paul"] insurance_costs = [13262.0, 4816.0, 6839.0, 5054.0, 14724.0, 5360.0, 7640.0, 6072.0, 2750.0, 12064.0] # Add your code here names.append("Priscilla") insurance_costs.append(8320.0) medical_records = list(zip(names, insurance_costs)) print(medical_records) num_medical_records = len(medical_records) print("There are " + str(num_medical_records) + " medical records.") first_medical_records = medical_records[0] print("Here is the first medical record: " + str(first_medical_records)) medical_records.sort(key = lambda x: x[1]) print("Here are the medical records sorted by insurance cost: " + str(medical_records))

Thank you in advance!