Help with unknown Function in Components

What does this.props.onChange(name) does in handleChange , it is not a function anywhere in the other files . Thanks !

I’m not sure which exercise this came from, so I can’t point out specific parts of code, but I can still give you a quick overview so you can find it.

this.props is what you use to access the information that was passed to the component using the attributes in JSX. The name of the prop is set by this attribute too, so even if you don’t have a method named onChange() somewhere, it means that onChange was the name of the prop when the Child component was used.

Look for whatever component is using Child. It will include something like this in the render() method:

<Child onChange={this.methodNameHere} />

From there, you’ll look for whatever method was being passed to Child using the onChange attribute.

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I think the screenshot comes from the exercise:

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I think you’re right.

@gigawhiz85773 with this new information, we now have this code.

From Parent.js

  render() {
    return <Child name={} onChange={this.changeName} />
  changeName(newName) {
    this.setState({ name: newName });

So this.changeName is being passed to the Child component on the onChange attribute from Parent, which is why it can be called with this.props.onChange() from within the Child component.