Help with the next steps after learning on Codecadamy?!

Hi I am not sure if I have posted this in the right place. I have finished a good chunk of the web development course and I still have a long way to go but I can build a basic html and css website. I want to carry on making some mock websites for fictional companies etc as practise and my husband would like me to re design his website which he currently pays for via vistaprint. Is the best way to do this from scratch or on something like wordpress which is something else I am hoping to learn.

I just wonder what the next steps are!



Hello there,

There isn’t a clear cut path to follow, per say.

It depends on what you want to learn, and achieve.

Re-building your husband’s website is a great start. And, yes, using WordPress is one way to go about this. Knowledge of this particular platform is in high demand, though a bit saturated, and it’d definitely be a great way of expanding your skillset.

If you go this route, simply try figuring out how to make a WordPress theme from scratch. You’ll learn a great deal that way. And it’ll look nice on your resume should you wish to use it to demonstrate your skills to employers.

One thing you might be interested in, though, is JavaScript. HTML and CSS are great for basic, static websites, but JavaScript enables you to add an extra layer of interactivity to your project.

You can learn it here: Introduction to JavaScript

Once you’ve grasped the core concepts of JS, you can then move on to use a framework, such as Vue.js, React.js, or even just the jQuery library for simpler tweaks.

You might want to do the same for CSS, which has frameworks such as, or Twitter’s Bootstrap. They can help you speed up the development process.

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask should you have any more questions!


Thank you very much for your reply!

Javascript is definitely my next goal to achieve but I know it will take me a bit longer I struggled a little bit with the basics but I will keep practising!

I read online about how popular wordpress is and one website said how it can be better than building a site from scratch, is there pros and cons from building from scratch vs building it on wordpress?

A big pro is development time.

Imagine building a house. WordPress represents the foundations, which would take you a long time and some crucial expertise to put together. With WordPress, you can simply decorate your house.

Only downsides would be:

  • Being limited to the WordPress “framework” (more like way of doing things)
  • Not learning everything by yourself (which would improve your knowledge and skills)

I’ve built entire websites from scratch, my own CMS (Content Management System) and let me tell you: it’s hard work. Takes time, and you don’t always get everything right straight away. It’s great for learning purposes, but nowadays people learn frameworks and use CMSs such as WordPress’s instead. Most devs use them, and employers look for people with knowledge of those frameworks and platforms.

So yes, I’d advise using WordPress, or learn a framework such as Laravel (PHP), Django (Python), Rails (Ruby). You’ll increase the odds of finding a job (should you wish to do that).


That’s brilliant info thank you, I will add wordpress onto my to-do list!

Then once I’ve got on a bit more I can venture into some of the others!

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