Help with the .Filter Method in the Iterators Section

Hi Guys Really Can’t Understand the Parts of this Function, there’s just too many redundant methods, that I can’t understand ect… and i can get the property’s to work on the Array!
I’ve adulterated the syntax, from the example to make it look like what comes into my mind! I mean I could just press View Solution… and move-on … but that wouldn’t help me to understand any of the parts of the statement, which is what I need to know! Please can someone help me?

const randomNumbers = [375, 200, 3.14, 7, 13, 852];

const smallNumbers []
// Call .filter() on randomNumbers below
const filterNumbs = randomNumbers.filter(function(randomNumber){
  if(number < 250 ) {
    return console.log(smallNumbers.push(375, 200, 3.14, 7, 13, 852))

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