Help with testing python

Hi, I’m new to coding and I have a simple question. I installed python and was looking at the idle and figuring out terminal, but I noticed it doesn’t have the same option as in codeacademy to run and then see where errors are. If I try to code and run a code in terminal and I have something that is wrong, will it tell me what was wrong like in the practices on codeacademy?

Hello @theprofessorsnaz, welcome to the forums! IDLE should provide you with error messages, like in the CC learning environment.

Thank you! how would i get those error messages to show? is there a button in IDLE like run that runs the code?

When you get this screen:

use command + N (MacOS) or ctl + N (Windows OS) to get a screen that looks like this:
Then, f5 or go to the toolbar, and press run, to run your code:
Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 18.39.51

You will be asked to save your code (name it, and save it to a location), then the result of the code will be shown on the first screen, including any errors.