Help with Spantastic please


Error: Oops, try again. Make sure only to wrap the word "red" in the tags!

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<p>This text is black, except for the word <span style="color:red" red! </span> </p>

Hi, I've been struggling on this one although it seems very simple. Is it possible to add a section where you can check the answers to see what you're doing wrong with the code?

Can anyone add some insight on when this will become less frustrating?



Never closed your first <span> tag.


Well, at the risk of feeling even sillier can you explain, or edit the code to show what you mean?

I have only one tag as far as I know and thats when i try to <span style the word 'red'. I close the </span> after that. Is there another span tag?

Sorry for the confusion.



I re-did the code to try and understand what you said. Now everything is red for me.

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<p><span style="color:red" </style> This text is black, except for the word <span> red!</span></p>


You basically put:

<span </span>


You have gotten even further confused.

There is no <style> tag mentioned, just the span's inner styling.

You also introduced a new span tag, and didn't close the other.


Thanks. Not sure why I keep putting 'style' accidentally.

I am still failing to understand what you mean though.


Go back to your original code, without the extra tags, and close the <span>.

Close meaning add the > at the end! :slight_smile:


Wow. I finally figured out what you meant by closing the span. Swallow my pride and move on i suppose. Thank you for your help and patience.


Could u Pls show me what U did ? I'm totally confused.


Right here, on the first span, he never added a >. To formally close a tag, you need to have > at the end of it.


If you need help please create another topic.. Thanks