Help with simple python function

Hello, I am trying to create a number exponentiator in python. I have already succeeded in writing it using only integer numbers, but I am trying to write an updated, better version where you can also input floats as the base or the exponentiator. Unfortunately, the function i have written to do this task always seems to return None, no matter what I try. I’d really like some help as to how I can prevent this.

None could mean that no return keyword is reached, so None is the absence of a return value. Which is the case here

all your conditions evaluate to false.

there are several problems: input() will gives us a string. So you would need to convert to integer or float first

number1 == int will never be true. Lets say number1 has a value of 3, the comparison still would be false:

3 == int 

3 is of type int, so you would need to check if type of number1 is an integer.

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I appreciate the feedback you’ve given me. I was wondering if you could provide me with the syntax required to fix the issues you’ve highlighted in my code.

I could, but what do you learn from that?

we could start with a simple search on google: python get type

which gives me:

so you could use this to check the data type of inputs.


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