Help with section 3/7


Where is my site directory? Is this something that exists on the GitHub page, or something I'm creating right now and doesn't exist until I create it. Using the ls command I only see: node_modules, npm_debug.log, and workspace.


I'm having the same problem, every time I try and 'git init' I'm getting the following message: No such file or directory.

Any help is appreciated, many thanks.


What I don't get is what directory you have to change it to? Like
$ cd.... ?


I'm having same problem.


I'm having the same issue
when i type "git init" it doesn't work


Same I've tried everything


$ cd and the directory you created in section 2/3


I was having the same issue so I ran made everything again on that same terminal window and it worked:
$ gem install jekyll
$ jekyll new personal-website
$cd personal-website
$git init


ran the above cmnds all ovr agn but the problem is not yet solved


thank u so much.....


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