Help with school project

I have been doing the basic HTML and CSS courses so that I can attempt to do this school project. In the project I have to make a web page/site. Note that I am not asking for somebody to do it for me. The class is a basic Internet technology class and we are only given one chapter to learn how to code an entire website, so I have no idea how to do many of the things this teacher is asking. I understand the first 4 partly from doing the courses on here, but need help with the rest. If somebody could point me somewhere that could assist me that would be great.

  • Home Page (index.html) - 5 points
  • About the Organization (org.html) - 5 points
  • Upcoming Events (events.html) - 5 points
  • Club Photos (photos.html) - 5 points

Your goals are the following:

  • Create a Site Map using the pages listed above - 5 points
  • Create one Wire frame to aid in setting a design for the site - 5 points
  • Create the site, hyperlinking all of the HTML files together in navigation menu - 10 points

Requirements for the site. Each Item below is worth 6 points a piece:

  • The site must feature a two- or three-column design on at least two pages (hint: remember position:relative;/absolute;, height/width, margins, and the CSS box model)
  • The design colors need to be consistent across the site
  • Each page must have at least two images (matching the theme – no puppies, cats, or some nonsense like that) and 6 paragraphs of lorem ipsum (use the lorem ipsum generator, located in Web Development Tools in the Activities area, or can be found using a Google search)
  • Use an image as part of the header/logo for the site instead of using just a plain text title
  • Please use an external style sheet (it will make it easier to style all pages at one time)
  • Use HTML5 tags to organize content (header, section, article, aside, footer)
  • Use at least one customizable area and a class in CSS (
    ) per page
  • Use transparency in your site (Keep in mind that there are a few ways to declare color in CSS – RGBA, HSLA, and HEXIDECIMAL. Using headings, create transparent backgrounds with RGBA)
  • Wrapper with margins (left and right margins should be 10%)
  • Use border-radius in CSS to round the corners of colored backgrounds in your design on each page