Help with Pandas: what does \ do?

When writing with Pandas what does “” mean and what is it used for?

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A link to your problem wold be helpful

But generally speaking, quotations denote a string.




If I take the title of the thread to be your question, Python generally treats the backslash as an escape character…


the_string = 'this is an escaped string, mm\'kay'

produces the following output

this is an escaped string, mm'kay

Python knows to treat the ' character in mm'kay as an apostrophe, and not the closing quote for the string, because it is escaped by the backslash.

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Sorry should be “” as my title asks

Hi, Thanks for the help. Related to the question, why is it that the coder on who takes us through the exercises like this one

does he always use a \ ? on top of that why is it that the code is not accepted when I try to type it without them, even though I have everything the exact same, except for the usage of \ as I think it makes the code look more confusing.

He uses

.groupby([‘experimental_group’, ‘is_click’]).user_id
columns= ‘is_click’,
index= ‘experimental_group’, values= ‘user_id’)

I would use the same thing just like this and it wouldn’t work

print(ad_clicks.groupby([‘experimental_group’, ‘is_click’]).user_id
.count().reset_index() .pivot( columns= ‘is_click’,
index= ‘experimental_group’,
values= ‘user_id’).reset_index())

Hi @micro2635518921

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