Help with my code bit

I transferred the code from my code bit to an HTML file in notepad. Everything is working except for one of my internal hyperlinks. Every hyperlink is working except for the one named Drowning. What I want the code to do is when I click on the list item, Drowning, I want it to take me to the actual heading Drowning. Is there any way you can help me? My code is:

<!DOCTYPE html>
Hannah’s Original Poetry
h1 {color: white; font-size: 28px; font-family: Cambria; text-align: center; background: cover;}
h2 {color: brown; font-size: 25px; font-family: Cambria; text-align: left; background: cover;}
ul li {color: teal; font-family: Cambria; font-size: 16px; text-align: left; background: cover;}
h3 {color: yellow; font-family: Cambria; font-size: 22px; text-align: center; background: cover;}
P {color: magenta; font-size: 16px; font-family: Cambria; text-align: center; background: cover;}
Body {background: black; background: cover;}
a {color: white; font-family: Cambria; font-size: 12px; text-align: center; background: cover;}
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Original Poetry<br>By<br>Hannah Hymovitch
<h2>Titles include :</h2>
<a href="#Words">
<a href="#My Living ■■■■">
My Living ■■■■
<a href="#Different World">
Different World
<a href="#Deny">
<a href="#The Storm">
The Storm
<a href="#The Disconnection"><li>
The Disconnection
<a href="#Self-discovery">
<a href="#Dreams">
<a href="#I Learned">
I Learned
<a href="#Drowning">
<a name="Words"><h3>Words</h3></a>
<p>Put your gun by my head.<br>At least I know what to expect.<br>Words are more confusing than they seem.<br>The messages are so hard to read.<br><br>Cut me open on the inside.<br>At least the knife is undisguised.<br>Words hurt more than any weapon-<br>Because you can get hurt when you least expect it.<br><br>Words are a form of hidden negativity-<br>And leave little room for genuine positivity.<br>Even if people don't mean what they say-<br>Those negative words will never go away.<br><br>They stay in your head,<br>Even if it's been years since they were said.<br>Don't you see when you don't think before you speak,<br>You give someone a huge bag of negativity.<br><br>People have to carry that bag every day.<br> It brings them so much pain.<br>Everybody has their bag of negative comments-<br> Whether they were honest or dishonest.<br><br>We all know what it's like to be brought down,<br>But we keep on passing on the frowns.<br>Is it so hard to make people smile-<br>Even if only for a little while?<br><br>We are capable of good and are capable of bad.<br>We are capable of making people happy and are able to make them sad.<br>Will you choose to bring happiness to people's souls,<br>Or will you choose to make their minds run cold?</p>
<a name="My Living ■■■■"><h3>My Living ■■■■</h3></a>
<p>My insides scream and my outsides hurt.<br>My insides churn while my outsides burn.<br>My body is a walking zombie craving for life,<br>Because my mind is so dead inside.<br><br>My feet run faster than my mind.<br>My insides beg for the sun to shine-<br>Through my barely beating heart.<br>Why is everything so hard?<br><br>I've been killed with a thousand knives.<br>My ghost is the only thing that is alive.<br>I've been shot once or twice,<br>But my bleeding is only on the inside.<br><br>Bruises fill my shattered heart,<br>Once I realize my life can't restart.<br>I've been to ■■■■ and back,<br>But that is just a part of my past.</p>
<a name="Different World"><h3> Different World</h3></a>
<p>Pain is the invisible knife floating,<br>Hovering over my shackled heart.<br>The sun died and darkness took its place,<br>But no one but me saw them switch.<br><br>Only I recognize the empty sky.<br>I am living in a different world.<br>They live in a world with light.<br>It is I who lives in total darkness.<br><br>How am I supposed to bear the various wounds-<br>That still threaten my barely beating heart?<br>No one sees the bruises that fill my soul with grief.<br>How are you supposed to heal when more guns are being pressed to your head?<br><br>My heart used to be so strong and lively;<br>Now all that's left of my heart is gaping holes.<br>I used to think I could handle anything to come.<br>Now all I can think today is how to take the pain away.</p>
<a name="Deny"><h3>Deny</h3></a>
<p>My past of being brought down,<br>My shattered piece of mind,<br>My voice being drowned out by other sounds,<br>Deny, Deny, Deny.<br><br>My life of stolen pleasures,<br>My childhood I still can't find,<br>My misery beyond expected measure,<br>Deny, Deny, Deny.<br><br>My feelings of hopelessness and fear,<br>My dream to finally shine,<br>My wish to have my mind be cleared,<br>Deny, Deny, Deny.<br><br>The obvious lies I tell,<br>The truths I try to hide,<br>The times I lie and say I'm well,<br> Deny, Deny, Deny.</p>
<a name="The Storm"><h3>The Storm</h3></a>
<p>My mind is filled with dark gray stormy clouds,<br>And the lightning flashes behind my eyes.<br>The thunder pounds with every noise and sound,<br>While the rain drops want to be free to fly.<br><br>I cannot let the raging storm run free,<br>Because the storm is so hard to control.<br>But the rain drops keep on threatening me,<br>And the thunder just continues to roll.<br><br>I've held the raging storm back for so long,<br>And the rain has escaped from my blurry eyes.<br>Now I wonder what the heck I did wrong,<br>Because I can't prevent my sobs and cries.<br><br>Don't try to prevent the storm from brewing,<br>Because the storm will keep on pursuing.</p>
<a name="The Disconnection"><h3>The Disconnection</h3></a>
<p>The green grass has turned brown.<br>The trees have all died.<br>The oxygen has run out.<br>It's so hard to survive.<br><br>The brown grass is my life's foundation.<br>The dead trees have cut into me.<br>The lack of oxygen has filled the nation.<br>I've survived and still I bleed.<br><br>I bleed to detoxicate my body from this pain.<br>I bleed in order to feel alive.<br>My blood spills almost everyday,<br>But the pain is still inside.<br><br>I disconnect my body from my head,<br>So I can no longer feel the pain.<br>This is a little like Marie Antoinette,<br>The one who said to let them eat cake.<br><br>The disconnection only makes things worse.<br>All it does is spill more blood.<br>I feel as if I've been cursed.<br>I hope one day my happiness will come.</p>
<a name="Self-discovery"><h3>Self-discovery</h3></a>
<p>This past year has been an endless path of discovery.<br>I've been up and down the mountain of constant quandary.<br>I've pondered who I am already and who I want to be.<br>I've thought about what I want "me" to mean.<br><br>This past year has been a struggle to balance school and social interaction.<br>It's also been a time for self-dissatisfaction.<br>I've made more failures than successes.<br>I've lost my heart so many times I've made a lot of messes.<br><br>Friend's have come and gone as they took a faster road to finding their true self.<br>I've been put in the back of my friends forgotten shelf.<br>I've made many stops to dead ends marked with traffic cones,<br>As I've searched to find the route to my long lost home.<br><br>I've finally learned who I want to be.<br>I've finally found my car that drives me through several self discoveries.<br>I've finally found the strength of my own mind.<br>I've finally found the life I want to call mine.</p>
<a name="Dreams"><h3>Dreams</h3></a>
<p>My nightmares are an endless road of tragedies.<br>I feel like everyday at least one of them is happening:<br>Abandonment, loss, a little misunderstood-<br>Hope, love, a little bit of things that are good.<br><br>These are things that I fear in my life.<br>It's funny how you fear what you've never had from time to time-<br>But most of my anxiety comes from what I've known.<br>I guess you tend to fear the stage between the known and the unknown.<br><br>Our minds are open to endless possibilities of dreams.<br>It's when you pick a possibility for life when it becomes less easy.<br>We have so many things we want for our life,<br>But fail where to see where to put in our time.<br><br>We rely on others to fulfill our dreams,<br>But get mad when they fail to know what you mean.<br>It is up to ourselves to fulfill our dreams.<br>Don't just sit there and wait for someone to get what you mean.<br></p>
<a name="I Learned"><h3>I Learned</h3></a>
<p>I learned to blink back the tears when I was sad.<br>I learned to take the beatings when I was bad.<br>I learned to hide what I really felt.<br>I learned to hate the life I've been dealt.<br><br>I always had to be strong for my brother.<br>I always had to be the mother.<br>I always had to take the hits when they weren't for me,<br>Because that was the sister I had to be.<br><br>While I was pinned in place by my mom,<br>I had to choose between more bruises or the wrong kind of love.<br>It never mattered what I chose,<br>My mom would always do both.<br><br>Then came the scary boyfriend,<br>The one my mom had chosen-<br>To help her hold me in place-<br>While they both took my innocence away.<br><br></p>
<a name=”Drowning”><h3>Drowning</h3></a>
<p>I'm drowning in my tears,<br>I'm drowning in despair.<br>I'm drowning over here,<br>And you still don't seem to care.<br><br>I'm falling in the water.<br>Nobody hears my scream.<br>I've never really had a mother,<br>To take care of me.<br><br>Nobody was there in my life.<br>Now I've fallen down,<br>Except for this time,<br>I have truly drowned.<br><br>I've drowned in my pain.<br>I've drowned in my memories.<br>Nobody lent me a cane,<br>And nobody ever tried to save me.<br><br></p>
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id attribute values cannot contain spaces. You’ll need to repair all your fragment links.

Legal characters in id name values:

[start with a letter][any alpha-numeric character]

Recommendation: use only lowercase letters in fragment id’s.


What ever convention you choose to use for spaces, make it consistent. One or the other of - or _ in all instances; no mix and match.

Verification and further reading is always good if you have the time, even a few minutes. Some fact checking is needed when we are learning from other learners.

Here are four MDN articles that will shed some light on id.
Note: Using characters except ASCII letters, digits, ‘_’, ‘-’ and ‘.’ may cause compatibility problems, as they weren’t allowed in HTML 4. Though this restriction has been lifted in HTML 5, an ID should start with a letter for compatibility.


Thanks for the help. I figured it out, though. I just got a backward quotation mark.

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