Help with Loops 19 : For/Else loop. Outcome not right


I wrote the following For/Else loop for a list of keys and values, but the outcome in console is not right. And I couldn't find the reason. Please kindly help.

____________________my code _____________________

guests={"A" : "happy", "B" : "calm", "C" : "angry", "D" : "happy"}

for key in guests:
    if guests[key] == "angry":
        print "Glitch alarm!"
    print key, "is", guests[key] 
    print "All guests are satisfied!"

________________in the console it rendered:_________________

A is happy
Glitch alarm!


What did you expect to happen instead?
What does the code really look like? Make sure it is intact in your post.


thank you @ionatan for the reminder.
I thought it would only break when it hits "angry" and was expecting the following as the outcome

A is happy
B is calm
Glitch alarm!