Help with "Learn Ruby"


I might have missed it. But in 12th lesson of Learn Ruby it says to create a variable of your name and equal it to your name as a string but I am not sure I understand how to do that or the lesson forgot to show how to do this?

Can someone guide me to the conclusion of 12/16? What are the commands to do what this lesson is asking?

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Create a variable name in the editor and set it equal to your name as a string (between quotes, like this: "Eric")

so here the name of the variable should be name and the value of that variable should be your name that should be a string (between quotes ).

for example:


here x is a name of the variable. and Myname is the value.


Hi Coderman,

How do I know what variable to use? It's really vague, to me at least. But, I'm new to this. Really beginner status here. I wish this part was way more explanatory than it is.


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