Help with language

Hello all,

Somewhat new to code academy, although I finished the introductory course on HTML, JAVA, and C++ (although I need a refresher as it’s been a while). I was recently offered an opportunity to pursue coding as a small part time gig and I would like to accept the offer.

The only problem, I don’t know what language I need to learn.

The owner of a business agreed to fund my education if I can learn and do some work for him at his escape game. Long story short, I need to know what languages will be utilized for a server based, cross-platform application to run an escape game on. Is there anybody here with enough experience to assist me in my decision?

The best answer would come from your prospective employer. Ask him to describe the platform and what framework it uses. You will need to be proficient in that if you are to enter the production team.

If the platform is Rails, then immerse yourself in Ruby and go hard all the way. Master the language before venturing into Rails, or at least get a good head start, including Object Oriented Programming.

If the platform is React.js, and any of the other flavors of .js frameworks, then pour yourself into ES6 (JavaScript is now referred to officially as ECMAScript) and master everything including classes (the OOP aspect).

Server side technologies will be an imperative as well. PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.js are all possibilities, but again the developer will be the one to point the way.

At a bare minimum, and for a place to start, jump into JavaScript (ES5 and ES6) to get a feel for vanilla JS. Being as it is resident in the browser, you don’t need to install anything. You’ll love the language and it will give you a chance to work in a script environment (high level language) which is a different world than the compile/execute one you are used to with Java and C.