Help with JavaScript - beginner/failure

I am so hopelessly lost. I can’t believe how impossible it is to learn this thing. I can’t get past the 3rd or 4th exercise no matter how much I try. I’ve been reading this non stop and it makes no sense. I can’t remember any of these commands or lines, how do ever keep this stuff in my memory? Should I learn something else before Java? I know HTML/CSS and some PHP. Please help…anyone

Hello @byte5723385929, could you please post your code and a link to the exercise?

Just go slowly. Take your time. revisit things if you need to. If you get really stuck, take a break, and go for a walk. It really helps.


Thank you for the reply. I don’t have the code, I gave up and started over. The link is

all i can do is follow the instructions and type exactly what it says but i don’t know what I’m doing.
I do take brakes but it doesn’t help when i come back and I remember even less than next day.

You created your topic in the JavaScript category, but the link in your most recent post is to a Java lesson. I’m curious whether you realize they are not at all the same. JavaScript would possibly be easier to learn than Java without prior knowledge of programming languages. Ruby or Python might be easier still. With having some knowledge of HTML, CSS and some PHP, JavaScript seems like it might be a more logical next step toward web development. What is it you are working towards?


Hi, sorry for the mix up. I genuinely thought I was learning javaScript, not Java. I guess i should look up JavaScript tutorials.

I don’t really have anything specific I’m working towards, I’m a hybrid designer just trying to learn things i’ve been advised to learn to be more employable. Apparently everything now is written in javaScript so i figured i’d start there although somehow ended up taking Java tutorials. I tried learning Ruby once but i couldn’t figure out how to install it. I’m more of a designer than a programmer but now designers have to be able to write this kind of code too.

Yeah. Java and JavaScript are quite dissimilar. I just noticed your question here: FAQ: Learn Java: Variables - Introduction, and I can see why you were getting frustrated. I’ll post an answer to your question in that topic, but perhaps the Web Development Career Path would suit you?

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Thank you for the answer to the other question. The web dev path looks good, I thought it might be better somehow to learn JavaScript by it’s own course since some of the web dev stuff i’ve taken in the past assumes way to much (or I know too little). Maybe it would be better to learn it in context with the path? I’m pretty intimidated by programming…my brain is defiantly does not seem to be wired that way but i have to learn it

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You could skip over the beginning HTML/CSS stuff if you don’t need the refresher, and jump in where the JavaScript courses start, but going through the ‘refresher’ might help you get acclimated to the nuances of the Codecademy learning environment before getting into JavaScript. Feel free to ask questions. We’ll do our best to guide you along. Happy Coding!

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Thank you again for the recommendation. I’ll probably do the entire course all the way through. I haven’t really learned any new HTML stuff for years, hopefully the curve isn’t too sharp.

Being there… feels horrible… but know I can say its not that hard…

The best way is to practice… and practice… and practice… and read how each method work…
Go slow… if you try to rush you’ll get confuse and frustrated… :slight_smile:

How long did it take before you were comfortable? Did you learn other langauges (Java?) before learning JavaScript? I feel like this will take years and I can’t afford a subscription that long, it is no point to pay for something I can’t learn. I don’t understand how any of the methods works, at all… I read it slow over and over and over and it doesn’t work. I take brakes and don’t remember anything and I start over it’s like I never read it. I don’t even understand what JavaScript does, but I have to learn it or I can’t get hired

  • It took about six months… just because I was not a full time student.
  • I’m don’t know Java, I want to become a JavaScript specialist before moving to another language.
  • I think that the subscription it’s the cheaper option, it’s about $20 monthly, much better than other options and better than Netflix. :slight_smile:

what is it that you don’t understand???

Some thing that help me was to translate the code to spoken English, for example:

oldDrawer.push(“My new Shoes”);

so I’d say: push my new shoes into my oldDrawer.

Don’t give up, we all were frustrated at some point. Share what you can’t understand and we’ll explain it easy peasy.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences. I just want to learn JavaScript because apparently everything uses JavaScript instead of HTML.

I just don’t understand any of the examples. I can follow the instructions in the lessons, but I don’t know what it’s doing, it just seems like an extremely complicated way to write something so simple like you could just write it in HTML.

I’m really lost on Concatnaction? ( I don’t know how to say that word) but really none of this has made any sense.

All pages use HTML, without HTML there is no Web page.

It’d be a good idea to watch some short Youtube video about history of HTML and differences between then.

in simple english, Concatenation is joining two strings together, put it together. for example:

var myName = “Jhon”
var myAge = 25

console.log("Hello, I’m “+ myName+” and I’m “+ myAge + " years old.” )

We use the + sign for this purpose. Please watch a video on Youtube, it’s easier.

OK, i’ll try videos, I tried them before but they were more difficult than this. Maybe I can find one that is more simple.