Help with Jammming react project push to github

Hello everyone,

I’ve completed most of the steps by quite « forcing » my way into the API working locally, and I’m pretty happy with how my app works locally !

BUT now I would like to be able to push my project on GitHub Pages (so that it can be functioning for anyone through a link) and I’m a bit lost regarding how I can make the API authorization work on there.

Here’s how it works locally (by the way this can help people struggling with connecting with the API in the beginning of the project) :

  • I « npm start » my app in the terminal which then launches on http://localhost:3000/
  • I « npm start » the implicit grant authorization-template that I downloaded from and in which i put http://localhost:3000/ as a redirect uri
  • then the implicit grant authorization template throws me back to localhost:3000 with the token in the URL which I manually copy and paste into my Spotify.js file in which I do my fetch requests

Any ideas or hints considering how I could setup my app on GitHub ?

(Precision to be clear : I know how to push a React project on GitHub, it’s setting up the authorization part that’s leaving me a bit clueless !)

Cheers ! :slight_smile: