Help with installing pipenv

Hi, I am REALLY struggling with the video Python3: Pipenv in the modules lesson. I’m using zsh and python version 3.8.5 on macOS catalina. I have watch about 5 video workflows on youtube as well and everytime it says ccommand not found. Also previous entries on codecademy list this as a problem, maybe the video needs updating? please help! thanks V

It might help if you link the video and describe what you’ve done so far.

8.58 mins is where it first says ‘zsh: command not found: pipenv’ after following the steps, just using zsh instead of bash

There’s a bit where the .bash_profile is altered to append to your PATH variable. There’s no guarantee that .bash_profile is sourced now zsh is the default shell.

You’d want to add that to the relevant zsh profile. I used .zshrc for this (this would be created in the home user folder in the same location where the .bash_profile would have gone) when I was using a mac.

If you’re curious about the various zsh profile options then this link has a nice answer discussing them- macos - ZSH: .zprofile, .zshrc, .zlogin - What goes where? - Ask Different

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