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i am new here on code academy and i'm taking HTML course. I am on that part of the course where we learn how to transform the image on a page into a link by wrapping the image element with an anchor element.
so i coded like this

  <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="#" alt="A red prickly pear fruit"/></a>

but it says it is wrong, can anyone guide me to the problem?


Where's the link to your picture?

replace that # with the link to the image.


i already did this and replace the # with first online photo and then with photo on my desktop but still not working, the

this is the error i am facing


Image link doesn't show the image. I didn't do this lesson but I believe in the context that the image link shouldn't be that. Then again, I could be wrong. Is there another image link that is provided in this lesson?

Syntax-wise, I see that they are ok.

EDIT: I went through a good chunk of the latest HTML&CSS course. Can you provide the link to your lesson?


You're missing most of the code that you have already written. The exercise will not pass if that code is not there. Click the Reset Exercise button to restore your previous code.

In your original post, you used the example code from the Learn section. To pass the exercise, you should only use the code from the Instructions section.

The Instructions tell us to turn this image:

<img src="
image_brownbear.jpg" alt="A brown bear"/>

into a link, that when clicked will open this page:

in a new window (using the target attribute).


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