Help with HTMl & CSS 1, section 10. div syntax


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I was trying to do the final

exercise. I did the fist two fine but when it came to enclose the entire section I couldn’t figure it out. I get the code and it shows me the
around the props but I am confused on how the
main above the h3 statement is part of the
class enclosure. How would I have thought to use the main instead of putting props on top and bottom of enclosure? ```

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<div class="value-props">> **WHY NOT JUST USE THIS FOR THE ENTIRE ENCLOSURE?**
  <div class="prop">
    <img src="" width="60px">
    <p>We don't do standardized packages because we know everyone wants something different. Every vacation will be uniquely customized to your tastes.</p>

  <div class="prop">
    <img src="" width="60px">
    <p>Our quarter century of experience in travel planning combines local knowledge with international taste. You'll be amazed at what we can provide!</p>

  <div class="prop">
    <img src="" width="60px">
    <p>We understand that you expect the world of your vacation - Jetsetter can provide once in a lifetime experiences at top of the line quality.</p>
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Hi, hope I understand your question correctly. The “main” is not used to control the “prop” sections because then changes made with the “prop” class would affect the h3 and p lines just under the “main” class.

Hi, I assumed that but not clear on why main was used at all. What I am looking for is what "main"s function was would be a better way to word my lengthy question. The instruction stated, “be sure to use main to include h3 and p lines” but there was no explanation of why this was being used.

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