Help with HTML and CSS 3.4


Hi, after 3.1-3 on 3.4 I made this

<!DOCTYPE html>
          <P> here we go </p>
          <p> I am learning html </p>
          <p> so I can start with ruby </P>
          <p> and then Ruby on rails </p>

it said Oops, try again.
No empty p tags! Make sure to write a bit about yourself in all three paragraphs.

I don't see an empty paragraph


make sure all paragraph tags are lowercase, html is case sensitive.


thanks, I checked h1 and made it lower case. Still the same problem


and your paragraphs? I see one uppercase opening tag and one uppercase closing tag, this should all be lowercase. Everything should be lowercase except for <!DOCTYPE html>


Thank you very much, I did not realise it was upper case.