Help with GitBash



I am doing a Computer Science path as I am completely new to the subject.

I’ve completed most of the Development Skills part and stumbled upon this article:

For windows users, it states that if I do not have Git Bash installed, which I don’t, I should refer to previous tutorial on CLI, however I am struggling to find anything that would help me through the installation.

I thought I’d take my own initiative and install it myself, however there is a dozen options that I simply do not understand at this moment in time. Can someone refer me to the aforementioned tutorial?



Having the same issue. Tried to install it on my own and it’s giving me a lot of options for which editor to use, for which I have no clue on how to decide. Would really appreciate someone’s input on this.


Hi Crookston,

Since there was no response on here I’ve contacted customer support:

Just gonna copy the reply in.

"The beginning of this article mentions "This tutorial assumes that you’ve completed the lessons on Learn Command Line and Learn Git. "

**CLI is taught in our course Learn the Command Line. This is the tutorial the article is referring to: **
Additionally, here’s another article you can reference for help"

They have assumed that you have gone out of your way and completed an extra bit of course, that in my opinion should be included in. At least the bits that they expect you to know later on. I’ve feedback this to support.

I haven’t gone round to doing it myself, I simply skipped the whole GitBash bit and carried on with the Computer Science Course.

Hope this helps you,