Help with git init repo


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I need help with the third lesson.
Here is what I wrote:


same happening to me


i need help with the same GIT INIT


me too i have same problem


Don't you guys think this is hard? after doing some coding I fell kind of odd, that I can not do lesson 3.
I have taken alot of help, but none of the help I get works.:frowning:


If the responses you get are not satisfactory, try refining your questions. Your questions greatly affect the answers you get. Explain what's stopping you from moving on, what you're trying to accomplish, what you've tried, observations, expectations, what information you think you're missing .. What you wrote right here, your post that I'm replying to right now, that's the best question I've seen you ask so far.

This topic here, it isn't a question. You're not explaining what you need help with. It's vague. There's no reasonable answer to it.

For the rest of you, "me too" adds nothing and generally doesn't ever get a response. Try describing the situation and asking questions instead. If it's the same issue then read the same responses. If there aren't any, wait. If none are appearing, write a better question.




I think I will need to report :a: bug.

  • jekyll new cd personal-website/

jekyll new cd personal-website/
 git init
  • ls

  • git init


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