Help with Game of Chance Project

My project link:

I’m trying to complete the function that simulates two players drawing. The player that draws a higher card wins the round and they add what they bet that round to that total amount. At the moment, my code only prints out 0 or 200 and I don’t understand why.

Please help thank you!

also for my previous functions in the project, if there are better ways of getting it done please let me know!

having multiple functions within a script is fine, and common.

However, then you have to be careful which function you call. The 0 or 200 output is caused by:

print(coin_flip(1.5, 100))

which make sense, given they bet all of there money

this function call:

  print(Player_Pick_Random_Card_Game(32, 76))

is nested within the body of the function.