Help with exersize 3 on learn the command line

ok so i was doing learn the command line then i got onto number 3 (ls -l) im doing what it says but nothings happening!!! can someone please help

Is this the step that you are stuck on:

Navigate to the comedy/ directory

Show me what you are doing and what the terminal is responding with.

Don’t forget that you can use:

  • pwd to see what directory you are in now
  • ls to see what is in that directory

yes i am stuck on that part and it keeps just not giving me the check…its weird i think its bugged or something :frowning:

Show me what you are seeing.

Do a pwd and an ls and then try changing directories.

i haven’t done a pwd yet…

I can wait … take your time

ok so i tryed using a pwd but it just said '/home/ccuser/workspace/movies

Okay, so that told you that you are in the movies directory.

Now, when you do an ls, what does it tell you is in that movies directory?

it just says '/home/ccuser/workspace/movies no matter waht i do with the pwd :confused:

pwd is telling you the name of the directory that you are in right now – it isn’t going to change until you change directories :smile:

ok :smile: i didn’t know that

When you do an ls – what does the ls command tell you is in that movies directory?

lets see uhh what? :confused:

Is this what you see when you do these same commands?

pwd /home/ccuser/workspace/movies ls
action comedy drama genres.txt

yeah!!! It Does!!!

Great, so you know:

  • You are in the movies directory
  • The movies directory contains a directory named comedy (among other things)

Now you need to use the cd command (change directory) to get to that comedy directory.

Did you want to give that a go?


ok got it 1 second!!!

it worked! thank you so much!!!

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