Help with exercise

I have passed the test but it seems to me that the process I did is not the correct one, I would like to ask for your collaboration to know what is the correct way to solve it.


Create a function called win_percentage() that takes two parameters named wins and losses .

This function should return out the total percentage of games won by a team based on these two numbers.

this is my solve:

Write your win_percentage function here:

def win_percentage(wins,losses):

return wins*10

Uncomment these function calls to test your win_percentage function:

#print(win_percentage(5, 5))


should print 50

#print(win_percentage(10, 0))


should print 100

Could you please add a link to the lesson you’re working on and please format your code for the forums, details at the following FAQ.

Of course


You should double check the formula used for a percentage as you’d need both wins and losses in the calculation and the multiplicative factor would be 100.