Help with exercise 6/6 Part I - I'm stuck


I'm stuck when it asks:
"Link a file called style.css to index.html. The attributes should be set in the following order: href, type, rel.

Note: The contents of style.css aren't important for now, so the file is not shown at the moment. In the next unit, you'll learn more about the fundamentals of CSS. "
I don't know how to do it, once in the file it already have some link in head and also it does not say what url is to link...
Can i ask a question related to other problem here? I started learning because i'm trying to center a simple(nor for me) countdown for a coming soon page i've no idea what or where to type the divs or divs elements i'm feeling the dumbest person ever... :cry: i've search all over google for examples there are tons of exemples i don't understand them or how to put them together.


Link tag syntax is,

<link href="example.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/>

The href may vary depending on whether the css file is in a folder of it's own or in the same directory as the html file


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