Help with Exam Statistics 9/9 (infinite loop)


In Exam Statistics 9/9 (Review) for some reason my .py file was “moved” and I’ve since reset the file and now when I try to run the code it just goes into an infinite loop.

grades = [100, 100, 90, 40, 80, 100, 85, 70, 90, 65, 90, 85, 50.5]

def print_grades(grades):
    for grade in grades:
        print grade

def grades_sum(grades):
    total = 0
    for grade in grades: 
        total += grade
    return total

def grades_average(grades):
    sum_of_grades = grades_sum(grades)
    average = sum_of_grades / float(len(grades))
    return average

def grades_variance(scores):
    average = grades_average(scores)
    variance = 0
    for score in scores:
        variance += (average - score) ** 2
    result = variance / len(scores)
    return result

print grades_variance(grades)

def grades_std_deviation(variance):
    result = variance ** 0.5
    return result

print print_grades(grades)
print grades_sum(grades)
print grades_average(grades)
print grades_variance(grades)
print grades_std_deviation(variance)


I am having the same issue. Does anyone know how to get past this? It won’t let me advance to the next section unless this one completes.


So I did some more research and found an old thread on another exercise where the users reported having the same issue. Essentially they have to go back an exercise or two, then get the proper code and proceed form there. My guess is that the code we write doesn’t quite line up with what they’re expecting. Regardless, I went back 2 exercises till it stopped giving me the error message, reset the workspace and copied the code needed from the github repo:

But even that code has some formatting issues. I adjusted the formatting and clicked Run and next till I get to the final review and then click Run again and the Next section is unlocked.


Did you mean to write,

print grades_std_deviation(grades_variance(grades))

variance is not defined in global scope.


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