Help with django


I need help with django .I have installed it successfully but i am really confused how to have different folders and directories on IDE .I have ninja , geany etc. I am newbie .I need help how script is written succesfully on editor .I have heard that you have to give path .I do not really understand that .I am really passionate about making webpage but i am stuck on it .I have linux mint and please do not recommend official documentation as i went through it and it is not working in my case .


@aquaphoenix17, django is a framework, you can't just import


according to the docs, you should first create a project, open the command line (ctrl + alt + t):

django-admin startproject mysite

this will create a mysite directory in the current directory. if you want a different, replace mysite with the name you would like, then navigate into this folder:

cd !$

!$ will give you the last argument of previous command, you can also just enter the name


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