Help with creating an online questionnaire

Hi there, I’m completely new to coding and looking for some advice. I want to create a website that has an online questionnaire. Once the user has clicked ‘submit’ I would like the answers from the questionnaire to be inserted directly into a word document. Any ideas on what I need to learn to create this? Thanks in advance.

Why would you insert this into a word document? But for this general idea, any back-end language will do the job.

a website has a front-end (what the user of your website sees) and a back-end (where data is stored, the questions of your questionnaire, result of questionnaire and so on)

there are many languages which can be used for back-end: Java, nodeJS, python, ruby, Golang, PHP and many more.

If you are completely new, this might be tricky to pick the right language for the Job.

PHP is a viable option, its widely used, easy to deploy, lots of existing tools and libraries to help you on your way. You will need to learn the basic of any language before you can build a back-end in it.


Thanks stetim94, the reason why I want it to go into a word document is because the word document is going to be my template contract and the answer from the questionnaire are going to be used to populate it.


again, why word document? Why not a database or a combination of files and databases (in which case text files are easier then word files)

The only reason i can think of to do a word document is if you want the user enable to download the document, but then i am still doubting if you want to store it permanently as word document.

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The reason why the data needs to be in a word document is because the client will want the agreement in a word format. I figured that if I could build an online questionnaire that would automatically insert the information into the right place in the agreement it would save me loads of time. Thanks for your suggestion re Php. I will start learning!

Then i still wouldn’t store the data permanently, its not a pleasant file format to work with on a website back-end.

Given you might need the data later again, ideally the data would be saved in a database, and you can write scripts to go from database to word, or generate word file automatically and save to database

but if you are new to coding, why bother to learn to program? Programming is very difficult, aren’t there existing tools?

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