Help with creating a Delivery Calculator


I just finished Advanced Python (and Basic & Intermediate before), so am testing my skills by creating a starting (portfolio) project, and also to keep building it out more to keep learning. I’m interested in creating a Courier Service Delivery Calculator, so similar to the one in Intermediate Python, Section 1 Function Arguments, Project ‘The Nile’, but much simpler.

Some differences:

  • this is for a bicycle courier, so all in one city
  • no difference in ‘rider cost’, no weight (will add in a future iteration)
  • no calculation of ‘daily’ total made, or subtracting driver cost from cost of delivery (maybe later)
  • a city is divided into only 3 zones to keep it simple (z.1 = $30, z.2 = $60, z.3 = $90), zone 1 in the center, zone 3 the farthest from the center
  • the cost of delivery is based on two zones (pick-up and delivery), the higher zone rate will be charged (a few examples: pick-up in zone 1 and deliver to zone 2 = $60, or, pick-up in zone 3 and deliver to zone 2 = $90, or, pick-up in zone 2 and deliver to zone 2 = $60)
  • but three levels of each (base (6-hour delivery), faster (3 hour delivery) and fastest (1 hour delivery); example: pick-up in zone 1 and deliver to zone 2 at the ‘faster’ rate (‘three_hours’) = $60 * 1.5 = $90

So, based on the ‘Nile’ project I slimmed it down and came up with this:

DELIVERY_SPEEDS = { 'six_hours': 1, 'three_hours': 1.5, 'one_hour': 2.3, } def get_rate(pickup, dropoff): if pickup > dropoff: return pickup else: return dropoff def format_price(price): return "${0:.2f}".format(price) def calculate_tariff(pickup, delivery, speed): zoneA = pickup zoneB = delivery rate = get_rate(zoneA, zoneB) delivery_speed = DELIVERY_SPEEDS[speed] price = rate * delivery_speed return format_price(price) calculate_tariff(3, 2, 'one_hour')

I don’t seem to get any major errors, but it also does not return a final tariff when I call the function.
I just copied over the ‘def format_price(price)’ but do not understand this, so most likely this needs to be adapted still. Also, the ‘get_rate’ is most likely incorrect.

If something is not clear, I can try and explain better.
Any help would be appreciated,

I decided to start from scratch, managed to get something working.
Next, will need to try and add ‘speed’ of delivery (base, faster, fastest), if I can figure that out then can also probably add weight.

I tried to do this as a nested function, but nothing seemed to work. Should I even be going in that direction? or should try in the direction of a Class(s)? Any recommendations as to the ‘best’ structure for future direction would be helpful.


finished = False while finished == False: print("Let's calculate the delivery tariff based on two zones") pickup_zone = int(input("Pick-up zone is: ")) delivery_zone = int(input("Drop-off zone is: ")) zone1 = 30 zone2 = 60 zone3 = 90 def find_highest_zone(): if pickup_zone > delivery_zone and pickup_zone <=4: return pickup_zone elif delivery_zone > pickup_zone and delivery_zone <=4: return delivery_zone elif delivery_zone == pickup_zone and delivery_zone <=4: return delivery_zone # elif delivery_zone or pickup_zone >=4: # return "Sorry, you entered an incorrect zone" else: return "Sorry, you entered an incorrect zone" def calculate_rate(): if find_highest_zone() == 1: print("Your rate is: " + str(zone1)) elif find_highest_zone() == 2: print("Your rate is: " + str(zone2)) elif find_highest_zone() == 3: print("Your rate is: " + str(zone3)) finished = True else: print("Sorry, that's not a correct zone, try again.") print(calculate_rate())

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