Help with Convert.ToInt32 method

Learning C# after trying to learn it a long time ago. I’m not really sure what the actual difference between my code and the solution’s code is, but for some reason my code would give me errors. Any help is appreciated!

You are referring to the exercise:

Did you complete Steps 1 and 2 successfully?

The exercise wants you to try Steps 1 and 2 first and observe the errors. Afterwards, you are supposed to do Step 3 and use Convert.ToInt32(). If you try to skip Steps 1 and 2, the exercise will most likely not allow you to progress.

Yeah I did all the steps in order.

Did you make sure that after writing the code for the third step, you

  • a) clicked the “Run” button to save your edit (without clicking this button, the change is not saved even if it appears in the editor on the screen).

  • b) After saving, then typed in dotnet run in the terminal.

If you have done the above for Step 3, what error message appears in the terminal? Also, what feedback message appears on the bottom of the screen?