Help with compiling/executing C++

So I have a problem: Im following the C++ programming course and now that we need to compile and execute it ourselves, nothing is actually being outputted to the terminal. However it still says my solution is correct so i can’t look at the solution for help.

so yeah the terminal does not look like what it should but it still says correct?

Hello :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum!

You should still be able to get the solution code. Next to the Run button you can find Reset Exercise button. This will reset your code to the initial state and will allow you to repeat the exercise or take a look at the solution code.

Your code is almost perfect! You only have to swap lines 6 & 7 - we first want to ask for the input and then get the input.

Defined tests are supposed to be only an addition to your own testing :slight_smile:


Should it not be outputting something in the terminal ie it should say enter a tip amount? Although i did what you said and reset it and it does the same thing with the code given by the solution

In the image you posted it looks like you should end the command with Enter. Click on the terminal panel and press Enter.


Tbh i think something is wrong with my laptop- another exercise is supposed to be already written and it says to just see what happens but literally nothing is happening. So yeah i think my laptop is being funny I’m just gonna turn it off and on again and see what happens :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you!