Help with Build Your Own Cheat Sheet
Hi all, this is my first post, so I hope I’m doing it right. Please be patient if I’m not.
I’m trying to share the code for my ‘Build Your Own Cheat Sheet’ project in the Web Development course. I’m pretty happy with it, but need to solve a couple of things.
Firstly; how would I get rid of the bottom border of the table data cells on the bottom row of each table?
Second; how to have the background color of the first column cover just behind the text and not the whole cell?
Thanks all. I’m hoping the link above gets you there::crossed_fingers:

Hey @gazimn8,

Unfortunately posting any Codecademy link will only get you to the exercise not to your code. You will either have to post your code here in the forums using the </> button, or write your code somewhere else such as gitHub or Codepen and make the code public.