Help with box model

Hi im having trouble trying to put my program into a box. I tried using the <div tag instead of <body and I’m fairly new to this any help is appreciated. I also tried putting # before the body tag in the internal style sheet
here is the link to the code

When you are sharing problem with code, you should share with code also. There is a option to upload code with this symbol - </>
Because, Nobody is going to write code for you line by line to solve your problem. You can upload code or use codepen or github to inspect your problem and that will be easier for others to help.

There are blocks of text in your style tag that appear to be comments (lines 7 -8, 28-32), but they aren’t commented out. Maybe those are causing the CSS to not render?

// Use 2 slashes to make a comment line. This text wont be interpreted as code.

None of
this text will be
interpreted as code