Help with audio and visual


Hi, I'm working on a project and I need help.
What should I do if I wanted to make a cartoon appears and "say" something?
Let say I'm building a program where you place some answers and depending on the result, you will have a message. I would like this message to be in audio while the user can see a cartoon in the screen.
And about the language, which one should fit better?
Currently, I'm thinking to stay with python.
Thanks for the help in advance.


what you are trying to do sounds more like an animated AI, based on your objective you cannot use python alone.

I would suggest reading and researching about bots and AI's . :robot: :smile:


This example is just an illustration of what I want.
My project is not about this and since I'm new to coding, express my thoughts is a bit difficult.
I had an idea about something, now I just need to gather the appropriated tools to build it and I need an "audiovisual tool" to this project of mine.
Already got suggestions about using pygames but the more info I can get the better.


pygame definitely can help you to accomplish things for your project.

and this.. (Collection of small projects using Pygame)


I will definitely look into this.