Help with Arrays and Objects


Hi I needed help in this code I don’t know what is wrong it keeps on saying unexpected identifier


var object1 = {
name: ‘Abhinav’
age: 12
var bool1 = true;
myArray = [24, bool1, ‘hi’, object1];

<do not remove the three backticks above>


in objects to separate you put a comma so you need to add a comma on this :arrow_down: line[quote=“devcoder36595, post:1, topic:35925”]
name: ‘Abhinav’

Also missing var before myArray


Thank you but when it got printed it looks like this
[ 24, true, 'hi', { name: 'Abhinav', age: 12 } ]
is it supposed to look like this ?


yes :slight_smile:  


Ok thank you very much