Help with "and" boolean

I just started python a few days ago, and I am now on conditionals and control flow. I just reached booleans, and as it is just math, I seem to understand it quite well - I think so at least.
However, I do not know what I am doing wrong here, in the “and” boolean operator.
This is my code:

bool_one = false and false

bool_two = 2 == -2 and 4 >= 4

bool_three = 3 != 3 and false

bool_four = -1 < 0 and 0 <= 0

bool_five = true and true

and this is the task:
Let’s practice with and . Assign each variable to the appropriate boolean value.

  • Set bool_one equal to the result of

False and False

  • Set bool_two equal to the result of

-(-(-(-2))) == -2 and 4 >= 16 ** 0.5

  • Set bool_three equal to the result of

19 % 4 != 300 / 10 / 10 and False

  • Set bool_four equal to the result of

-(1 ** 2) < 2 ** 0 and 10 % 10 <= 20 - 10 * 2

  • Set bool_five equal to the result of

True and True

I even tried to just write the first 3 as false and the last 2 as true. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here, so I would love to get some help.

Also, how do I change this godforsaken username into a proper one?

Thank you
link to task:

You say wrong, but what does that word mean? The difference between expected and observed behaviour is something worth investigating when looking to fix something.

username would be something you change at under your profile, I believe.

When you write a post in a forum there are usually some buttons in the editor, not all that many, one of them is for ensuring that code does not get regular text formatting rules applied to them which is something that computer code does not tolerate if it is to retain its meaning.

Nevermind guys. Found it on youtube and didn’t know there was an option to see the solution in codecademy. Also, thanks but no thank you for the philosophical answers.

Not so much philosophy as that there was no description of what you had observed about the problem, and no hints about what information you were missing.

Debugging code usually involves following the symptoms until the source is found.

Anyway, be careful with solutions because they’ll teach you how to copy but not much about how to solve problems.