Help with Anagram Finder | C

Hello everyone! Im doing the “Anagram Finder” task in Learn C course, but I am stuck!
This are the prompts to follow:

  1. Create two integer arrays called counter1 and counter2 . Initialize both arrays with four zeros each.
  2. We will check if the following two strings are anagrams:
  • String 1: “dbb cccccaacb cdbababdcdcdab dcdad”
  • String 2: “bbbcc bdddccccad cdbbaaacaccdabdd”

Right under your counters, create two char arrays called s1 and s2 containing String 1 and String 2 respectively.
3. First, create a for loop to loop through the string. Use strlen() to find the length of the string.
4. We will now write the logic to determine the number of each character in String 1.

We will update counter1 in the following way:

  • If we encounter an ‘a’ we will increment counter1[0] by one.
  • If we encounter a ‘b’ we will increment counter1[1] by one.
  • If we encounter a ‘c’ we will increment counter1[2] by one.
  • If we encounter a ‘d’ we will increment counter1[3] by one.
  • If we encounter a space, we ignore it.

Implement this logic in the loop body.
5. Loop through String 2 and update its counter ( counter2 ) accordingly.
6. We need a flag that we can use to determine if there is a mismatch in the two counters.

First, create an integer variable called flag and set it to 0 .

The flag variable maintains one of these states:

  • The flag will be set to zero if there is no mismatch in the counters.
  • The flag will be set to one if there is a mismatch in the counters
  1. Create an empty for loop that you will use to loop through both counters. We will place logic in it in the next task.
  2. In the loop, change the flag variable’s value to 1 if a mismatch is encountered.

If the two strings are anagrams, print “Anagram!”. If they are not, print “Not Anagram!”

This is my code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main (){

int counter1 = {0,0,0,0};
int counter2 = {0,0,0,0};

//strings to compare and verify
char s1 = “dbb cccccaacb cdbababdcdcdab dcdad”;
char s2 = “bbbcc bdddccccad cdbbaaacaccdabdd”;

//verification process s1
for (int i = 0; i < strlen(s1); i++){
if (s1[i] == ‘a’){
if (s1[i] == ‘b’){
if (s1[i] == ‘c’){
if (s1[i] == ‘d’){
if (s1[i] == ’ '){
//verification process s2
for (int j = 0; j < strlen(s2); j++){
if (s2[j] == ‘a’){
if (s2[j] == ‘b’){
if (s2[j] == ‘c’){
if (s2[j] == ‘d’){
if (s2[j] == ’ '){

//check if they are anagrams

for (int flag = 0; flag < 4; flag++){
if (counter2[j] == counter1[i]){
flag = 0;
else {
printf(“Not Anagram!”);


This last part is where I think Im not getting it. Any help would be great. Thank you! :slight_smile:

If you’re posting code to the forums have a look at How do I format code in my posts? which lets you keep the formatting and does some basic syntax highlighting which is very helpful for anyone else reading the code :slightly_smiling_face:.

I believe the goal with the flag is to initialise it to a particular value and only change that value if a certain condition is met. I don’t think there’s any output expected within the loop, only afterwards to check the status of the flag.

That might not be what you’re asking about and apologies if so, could you clarify what exactly it is about the end that’s causing trouble?