Help with an excercise on the command line | DATA PATH

Hello everybody!

I am doing the DATA Path, but, there’s something that is not letting me go further.
Here is the link:

What I cannot do is how to open the SQL in the command line? I have been doing just the same like the video, but nothing came up.

I can get into the folder and I can see the files, but when I type ./sqlite3.exe … nothing works!

Any suggestions fellas? I’d really appreciate it! :):grin:

Do you get any error message? May I ask you to post a screenshot showing what is going on?

Sorry for the late response, I was doing some university homework.

Yes, here is a screenshot of my issue; I got everything just as the video, but, I cannot go through the “sqlite >” command.

Sure :slight_smile:

Can you try to precede the command with winpty? Like so:

winpty ./sqlite3.exe ...

If this does not work - please try to use cmd or PowerShell instead of Git Bash.

Thanks man, I did it finally.

Just one question: how did you know I had to use the command winpty? Whta’s that?

I worked with few developers who refused to transition to the Linux and they were really attached to using git bash. So I had to work out a troubleshooting approach :slight_smile: I had encountered this problem before.

In short - mintty has some features that are not compatible with Windows console and when you run a program (sqlite for example) that expects that it will be executed in Windows console - some problems might arise. winpty solves this problem by running the given program in a hidden, native Windows console and forwarding input from the emulator (mintty) to the hidden console and output from the hidden console to the emulator.

I am sorry, but to give you a proper, informative answer to this question I would have to spend some time reading about interworkings of Windows. And to be honest this topic does not interest me.

If the description above is not sufficient please read a bit about TTY and PTY. And then head to the mintty terminal emulator which you decided to use in your instance of git bash (there is a step in the setup of the git bash where they let you decide if you want to use mintty or Windows default console window) and figure out why mintty is not compatible with Windows console. And then google and read the description of winpty, it’s an open-source project so you can even study the source.