Help with an essay

So basically I need to write an essay for college and I dont know what subject to write it on. Im looking for ideas,
I wanted something related with security or privacy and something where I could make a guess into the future as to what it will change and affect

One would hope your thesis is not just a guess, but an hypothesis. You could for instance gather empirical data from the past, by following a time line from when the internet was born, the security threats at the time and over time to the present. How have they been spread and or mitigated? How many threats were real and how many were only perceived? This part of your essay needs to be as objective as you can possibly make it. What conclusions can you draw at this point? How may one extrapolate on these conclusions to form an hypothesis of what real or perceived future threats may arise? This part of your essay may be subjective, but base everything on the facts you have first presented. Guessing is far more subjective than any reader (especially someone grading your paper) will allow.

Perhaps something about National cyber security? Idk…