Help with a git programming project?

Hello, everyone! I’m new here and I have been asked by a friend for help with his coding project for his college.
Is anyone able to walk me through this project?

Thank You!

here is the link to it:

Shouldn’t your friend be walking you through this? It is them who asked for your help. They must have expected you would be able to walk through it, but surely wouldn’t mind helping you get up to speed.

He told me he just wants to get ahead of the syllabus. It is due Feb. 13th

Are you a CS grad? Or third or fourth year? Can you describe the problem synopsis? Are you adept at Ruby? I don’t ask these questions to be inquisitory or patronizing, just out of curiosity as to why they asked you for help?

No, I am not a CS grad. I do not know why they asked me for help. But I would like to actually study CS soon after I change my major.

Okay, I see. Thanks for clarifying. May I suggest you politely decline to assist. This is a third year level problem that really cannot be tackled here.