Help with 5.5


suitcase = ["sunglasses", "hat", "passport", "laptop", "suit", "shoes"]

first = suitcase[0:1] # The first and second items (index zero and one)
middle = suitcase[2:3] # Third and fourth items (index two and three)
last = suitcase[4:5] # The last two items (index four and five)

This is my code, but I get an error that says: "Oops, try again. It looks like your first slice is ["sunglasses"] instead of ["sunglasses", "hat"]."

Any idea on how to help?? Thanks!!


Found this in the instructions when i was having the same problem
"We start at the index before the colon and continue up to but not including the index after the colon."


Because of that your code should use 6 in the last slice because it stops at the value before that, also known as 5, aka "shoes"


Thanks so much!! :smile: I guess I skimmed over that part :stuck_out_tongue: