Help with 3/7 case


Don't understand whwt to do?


Could you provide a link to your lesson, and the code?


By jonsamp
Learn functions and scope.
3. parameters


Thanks for the link, what part exactly do you not understand?


there is calcurator system and then that should pizza code, I don't get it, english is not my language.


Did you read instructions?

Okay I will explain in simple words...

Suppose I have a pizzeria...
I take orders of pizza by asking two questions..

What type of topping they want.
What type of Crust type they want

If they give me details ,I give them pizza !
Then in diary I note a message and also write order number.
suppose when I open the shop, no one gave order so I put order as 0
then someone comes and gives order, I increase it by 1.
Then if again someone comes I increase it by 1(now it becomes 2) and so on...

This is what first part of program is trying to accomplish.

Other thing...
Every pizza costs $7.5.
If someone give 3 pizza orders, I will take $7.5*3 ($22.5)
This is our second part of code is telling us to do..

But I also take tax on purchase (6% of tax )
This is what third part of code trying to accomplish.

at last I add total cost + tax on it and add it.
This is done by fourth part of code.

we have written a function to deal each part.

does it make sense?
This link may help you.


Go to
Then, scroll down until you see this:

Then click on it:

And select your language. Hope this helps!


no finnish language oaisdbvdbvpibvpiaubsvcpbvpbvpiasbdvpuabvpabvp


That's too bad :pensive:


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