Help with 19 Maths


I am completely stuck on 19. I've wrote

if("Jon".length *2 / (2+1) === 2 )
console.log ("true");
else {
console.log("Error Error Error");

and get the error messge Oops, try again. Make sure your if/else statement evaluates to true!.

I Don't really understand what I'm supposed to be doing.
The instructions are
Complete the missing bits of code to construct the if / else statement. Make the condition evaluate to true.
Finish the else statement by printing out the string "Error Error Error" to the console

But if I make the statement evaluate to true how do I print out the else string?


Hi @angua225,

In the default code, you have:

 ("Jon".length * 2 / (2+1) === )
    console.log("The answer makes sense!"); // note this line

Why did you change the printed string to "true"? The Hint notes that:

Make sure not to delete any of the provided code. It could cause your code to fail!


I changed it because it doesn't work with the original text either so thought it must be something to do with that.


Could you post that code which didn't work with the original text?


It's ok it's worked now. Looks like it may be an issue with my laptop as I tried it with the same code (with the original text) and it didn't work then when I did it again at a later time with the same code it worked. It is a very old laptop I'm using.