Help with 19/19


While addind new item to my dictonary it gets saved with u’ before it, as in output.
How to avoid this?


There are also colons, spaces, commas, apostrophes and curly braces, why is it the u’s that need to go but none of the rest?


whoa, I didnt expect reply so soon, thanks :smiley:
Ok, so I understand that colons and commas are there while just using print and i dont mind them (but will apriciate if you told me how to print it nicely), what i dont understand where did this u’ came from and how to add item to dictonary without it



Create the string you want to output, and then do so

Having python convert a dict to string is rarely something you’d do when showing something to and end user. You’d write code to format it the way you want.

That u doesn’t deserve any more attention than all those other symbols, so “how to avoid it” is, from my perspective, the wrong question


For example, printing nicely might mean getting all the keys, sorting alphabetically, then for each key look up the value, print them both, perhaps you’d put something between them:

for key in sorted(merchandise):
    print '{}: {}'.format(key, merchandise[key])


Yea, I understood what you meant so I used for loop too (without sorted and .format, which I’ll try now) but thanks anyway! :smiley:


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