Help w/ Project?


So I was working on this project, it seemed I did everything correctly the webpage did not show any difference from when I had started. I still finished the project andd it said I did it correctly but I would like to know why the Cupful Cafe page didn't change visually whatsoever. Thanks.

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With projects you do your best that you can, Codecademy doesn't use a checker to check if your code is correct or not.

As you do each task you click on the box to check it and then you click save and you will see changes on preview screen.


I seem to be having the same issue. I'm applying all my code as it says I should but the preview (web page) doesn't update. I was thinking that It might be step one that might not be working? linking the index.html to style.css. IDK. but it's frustrating. lol


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